Meeting two of the 2002 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

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The 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to John B. Fenn for the discovery of electrospray ionization, to Koichi Tanaka for the introduction of soft laser desorption ionization methods and to Kurt Wuthrich for 3D solution NMR of biomolecules. Congratulations to all three of them for providing key components of modern proteomics technology.
John Fenn Koichi Tanaka
John Fenn receives the award and congratulations from the King of Sweden. Koichi Tanaka is awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
With Fenn With Tanaka
3-25-2003 After discussions with John Fenn at the 225-th ACS meeting in New Orleans, where we presented in the same session. 6-4-2003 Celebrating with Koichi Tanaka at the Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD.