Introductory Quantitative Analysis - CHEM 2122

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Instructor: Professor Akos Vertes
Office: Samson Hall 212
Telephone: (202) 994-2717
Course Objectives: This course provides an overview of the principles and methods of chemical analysis. The fundamentals of contemporary techniques and their applications in solving biomedical, environmental, and forensic problems are emphasized. In order to see the inherent development of the analytical discipline, we also work toward the deeper understanding of selected methods.

1. Daniel C. Harris, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Seventh Edition, W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, 2007.
2. Daniel C. Harris, Solution Manual for Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Seventh Edition, W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, 2007.

The textbook web-site is located at:

You have the option to use an E-Book in this course. According to the publisher the E-Book offers:

  • All text graphics, tables, and pictures are included, and, when appropriate, can be expanded for a better view.
  • In-text links to all glossary entries, with an easy link to a Google search on each item.
  • Text highlighting, down to the level of individual phrases.
  • A powerful notes feature that allows students and instructors to add notes to any page
  • The bookmark feature enables quick reference and return to any page.

You can preview the E-Book at: .


Academic Integrity: This course is committed to uphold the standards described in the Code of Academic Integrity. A short introduction to the Code is enclosed.  The complete Code is available at the GWU Academic Integrity site

Method of Evaluation: The final score is calculated based on the sectional test scores (25% + 25%), classroom activity (10%) and the final comprehensive test (40%). You are strongly encouraged to solve the suggested problems as you go, for the exams also probe problem solving skills.

Method of Instruction: This is a BlackBoard based course. Course outline, lecture notes and assignments are available at the Blackboard web-site.